Sharing is karma in the works

Let’s talk about why you should start make money at home, and why you should start today.

In 2020, it became more obvious to all humans in the world, that we’re all one. And that what affects one in Sweden, can also affect one in Texas, or SouthAfrica.

I don’t believe that we’ve seen the last of social distancing for a long, long time.

But we still have bills to pay, we still need food in our mouths, we still need to make the society continue in it’s hamster-wheel, but on a different kind of level and speed.

So how can we combine all of these new things we as humans need to adapt to? How can we make a decent income, an income to survive on, while we’re keeping our distance? And how can businesses that already exist, still grow, or at least exist 5 years from now as well?

The solution

The answer might scare you, it might seem impossible, it might feel a bit over the top.

But the truth is – we need to work from home. A remote working place. It might feel lonely at times, but at least it will be safe, and at least you’ll have an income – if you set all up the best way possible, from the start.

That’s why I’ve created a free “A year of blogging” planner.

Blogging is the most inexpensive way to start a business from home, it costs less than $5/month + internett access to get started. Because even if you can’t write,  you can create a videoblog, if you don’t want to put your face out there, you can create a blog with a podcast.

If you want me to help you start a blog today, sign up for my free course, if you already have a blog, but need structure, sign up for my free planner. Do you feel like going “all in” – sign up for both – they’re still free!

Just click the different pictures below to get the course and/or planner. Easy peasy. And you could start earning money today.

plan your blogging
Why you should start make money at home

Grab the step by step plan that I’ve used myself, in order to be able to make money while working from home.

The benefits 

The way I see it, there’s more benefits, than setbacks when it comes to working at home:

  • You’ll be able to have dinner ready in time
  • You’ll be able to skip commute
  • All you earn, is YOUR money
  • If you have a cleaner or babysitter, you’ll feel safer since you’ll be in immediate access if something should happen
  • You’ll have less stressful mornings – that’s not totally true, because still you need to get your kids ready for school or kindergarten
  • You’ll have more energy in the afternoon to spend with your family and friends
  • You’ll learn new and different things about yourself and others – and a lot about what goes into business building
  • You’ll read a lot of books, even if you don’t intend to

Are you ready to stop asking why you should start make money at home, and rather just do it?


plan your blogging
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Sharing is karma in the works